Acro Yoga Montreal Teacher Training General Requirements

  • participants should feel comfortable upside down

  • hold a tripod headstand and handstand comfortably against the wall

  • hold plank pose and chaturanga dandasana with relative ease

  • participants should have an ongoing AcroYoga practice (300+hours)

  • be comfortable basing and flying basic AcroYoga balances

  • have a consistent yoga asana practice 2-3 x per week for a mininum of 2 years

  • be comfortable teaching an hour long yoga class; a teacher training certification is not necessary.

  • All applicants must submit a video of themselves teaching a 30 minutes yoga class to a minimum of 3 people

  • most important of all a good “sense of humor”!!

Online Video Submissions - IF POSSIBLE!


If due to COVID-19 restrictions reason you can not submit Victoria Hall and Hanumanasa Flows (see beneath), then the AcroYoga Montreal team highly recommends to find ways to practice those in order to get a feel for the Acroyoga Montreal style and to prepare you for the rigors of the teacher training. The AcroYoga Montreal team appreciates it is not always possible to have a dedicated partner to practice with to learn these flows, so do your best to familiarize yourself with the Montreal style".


If there is a chance to do so, submit your videos through WeTransfer, TransferNow, Google Drive or other online platform (YouTube, Vimeo). NOT through email!

Victoria Hall Flow

  • Complete the flow only up until 01:23

  • Basing and/or flying, the aplicants may choose their role

Hanumanasana Flow

  • Complete the entire flow

  • Basing and/or flying, the aplicants may choose their role

Teaching Video of You

  • 30 minutes video of you teaching a class to at least 3 people

  • Those people can be your friends or students

  • You can teach a Yoga, AcroYoga or any other related class

Acro Yoga Montreal Teacher Training General Recommendations

AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training in Antwerp

Recommended Yoga & AcroYoga Knowledge


  1. Chaturanga Dandasana (Four Limbed Staff Pose) 15 sec

  2. Plank Pose 20 sec

  3. Surya Namaskar A & B (Sun Salutations A & B)

  4. Trikonasana A & B (Triangle Pose A & B) 30 sec each side

  5. Sirsasana (Headstand) 30 sec

  6. Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Stand) recommended

  7. Handstand at wall - facing both directions and maintaining hollow body 20 sec


  1. Forearm Wall Plank 15 seconds

  2. Wall Plank 15 seconds

Partner Inversions

  1. Shoulderstand on Reverse Table Top

  2. Inversion on 4 points

  3. Candlestick (Shoulderstand on L-base with flyer's hands connected to base's thighs)

Fundamental L-base Technique

  1. Folded Leaf and Bird (both base and fly)

  2. Prasarita Twist (transition from Folded Leaf to Bird)

  3. Back Bend over feet of base and exit through Handstand Walkover towards base's head

  4. Star (both base and fly)

  5. Transition from Star to Straddle Bat and back to Star

  6. Foot-to-hand to hand-to-foot box (both base and fly)

AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training in Antwerp
Apr 05, 7:00 AM GMT+2 – Apr 18, 6:00 PM GMT+2
Location is TBD